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Tara Lee


503-370-8050 x215

Life is filled with challenges. We might feel overwhelmed or confused about the next best step. If you are struggling to move forward you may find it important to reach out to find someone to process personal challenges with; that is where therapy can be a balm. In processing our story with a trusted confidant we can find our true voice, reclaim parts of our story, and selves. Therapy can help clarify our core values that guide our decisions. Finding a way forward can be difficult but in confidential sessions with a trained professional, you have a partner so you don't have to go it alone. My goal is to partner with you in processing the challenges, changes or frustrations life has thrown your way and assist you, where you feel stuck, to take the next best steps forward towards healing and wholeness.

Our partnership in therapy is of the utmost importance to me and as we work toward your goals. You have my assurance to support your hopes for our time together. I believe life is fuller when we understand it has purpose and meaning. Your values matter to me so we will explore what those areand how those values are living themselves out in your life.

My work is informed by family systems theories, the science of attachment, interpersonal neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, and Narrative Therapy and EFT.I also use expressive therapies, as well as grief and loss work when helpful to the client.

I work from a systems approach that states that you impact and were impacted by the family you grew up in as well as the community you are currently a part of. Helping you make changes in thinking, behavioral, or relational patterns can lead to healthier functioning and can improve a person's quality of life. These areas of growth can also impact dynamics in the interpersonal connections you hold on a daily basis, so working from a whole system approach can foster long term healthy change.

By working with your key relationships and challenging old patterns of thinking and behaviors, clients can move forward to live more authentically in line with their values. My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs. I will always work to understand your story and what’s important to you, and incorporate your values and beliefs as resources for healing.

Tara Lee



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