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About Us

Experienced. Compassionate. Supportive.

Salem Pastoral Counseling Center has been in existence since 1980. We continue to be committed to our mission statement, believing our work is ministry.  Churches, doctors, schools, and insurance companies continue to be consistent referral sources.  Our staff remains available to the area churches for a variety of services.  Our board members have always been a stable, foundational part, offering support and vision.  We are intentional about hiring staff who are ecumenical and bring varied theological backgrounds as well as unique clinical skills.  We continue to live simply, balancing our ministry with a need to be financially responsible for our expenses.  After these years, our image in the community remains the same: stable, trustworthy, interdenominational, Christian counselors who work well with churches and are dedicated to providing the best clinical and spiritual care possible to our clients.


The mission of Salem Pastoral Counseling Center is to be a ministry informed by the Christian tradition and dedicated to counseling, consulting, and educating. These services are provided by qualified professional and licensed counselors and are available to individuals in the Salem area and Willamette Valley who may not have a faith background. The Center fulfills its ministry through the building of psychological health and well-being integrated with spiritual growth.



Salem Pastoral Counseling Center is committed to the following:

♦ Each person is valued by God.

♦ Each counselor is a well-trained, competent and recognized professional as well as a committed person of faith, in good standing in a religious community.

♦ The counseling process will usually be short-term, supportive, and focused on improving relationships and one’s ability to cope with life.

♦ Counseling is a ministry which can assist in fulfilling the purpose of the church.

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