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Sarah Pluister


503-370-8050 x104

Your willingness to seek counseling is a bold and brave decision. As your counselor, I will welcome you with warmth and tenderness and honor your story. I will walk alongside you as you explore and make sense of your experiences, move toward a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships and begin a process of wholeness. I believe that interpersonal relationships provide the ability to transform and heal our lives. I hope that in working together, our relationship can be one of safety and healing.

I am trained to assist individuals, couples and families that are hurting, in transition or weighed down by life stressors. I work from a systematic perspective, always considering one’s family of origin and important relationships. My style is slow and purposeful, with pacing led by you. It would be a true privilege to join you in your journey of transformation, empowerment and freedom.

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