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Jessica Teigland


503-370-8050 x117

Therapy is a journey in which a client seeks to find meaning, truth, positive ways of living, and finds potential for rebuilding and establishing healthy relationships with the self and others. A counselor helps a client along this journey by being patient, trustworthy, tolerant, creative, and able to promote self-worth. In being patient, I will listen with an open mind and an open heart. I also trust that you will make progress that is fitting for your wellbeing. You have the potential to practice being transparent during sessions, to allow the therapeutic process to assist you in desired changes, and to seek guidance from positive influences. I honor the differences among people, regardless of what type of difference it is. Furthermore, in effort to be an effective counselor, I will think creatively. In doing so, I can maintain the importance of your needs in counseling services. To speak specifically, people often find that they are in control of how they can affect their outlook on life and relationships with others. What I aim to do is work with you to uncover this potential. In a life full of doors to choose from, I will aim to help you to discover what is behind each door. Additionally, I, as a professional and as a human being, find value in every individual. As you seek assistance in your own life, I will draw mainly from a person-centered theory to walk along side you on your journey.

Jessica Teigland



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