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Brandee Ratzlaff


503-370-8050 x118

Counseling is an invitation and opportunity for clients to discover who they are, who they want to become and how to get there. Together, counselor and client explore these areas. I believe the client’s past holds valuable information for gaining insight and understanding into current behaviors, perspectives, and ways of thinking. With such discoveries, forward progress can be made to find healing and freedom, as the client is empowered to make choices congruent with their own goals for the future.

Counseling is a collaborative effort between counselor and client. As counselor, I will create a safe and confidential environment to explore areas of concern. I will listen, ask probing questions, provide honest feedback, encourage and challenge clients to take hold of the life they desire. It is the client’s responsibility to engage in the process and direct the focus. I work from a psychodynamic perspective that seeks to bring healing to the root issues of a client’s hurts and concerns. I operate from a Christian worldview but am happy to work with clients from any faith background or none at all. I consider it an honor and privilege to journey with clients in their quest for living a healthy and meaningful life.

The length of treatment and methods used will depend on the specific circumstances of the client. While I believe the counseling process to be beneficial, there are no guarantees. It can be hard work and may conjure up difficult emotions and experiences as we seek healing. I’m willing to walk through this normal process with my client. However, the client is at liberty to stop counseling at any time or choose a different counselor if desired. My goal is to assist the client in any way I can.

Brandee Ratzlaff



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